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Leverage a single framework to manage complex global privacy programs.

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Fragmented Legislation

The costs of tracking and complying with multiple privacy regimes are growing exponentially.

There’s no lowest common denominator for regulatory compliance on the horizon.


Global Standardization

Ketch enables businesses to specify, activate, and enforce the right privacy program for each region from a centrally managed console.

Regulatory Harmonization

Globally Applicable

Segment the globe to reflect your unique privacy program.

Specify which rights and regulations apply in each situation. Comply with any global regulation (GDPR, CCPA, etc).

Policy Driven

Leverage policies to dictate conditions for lawful processing.

Maximize data utility by specifying different processing conditions across each regulation.

Permit System of Record

Ensure all data processing systems are only accessing compliant data for each activity (e.g., “this data can be used for recommendations, but not for targeting”.)

An automated, real-time system of record that captures the terms and conditions for data processing that enforces consistency and correspondence with downstream processing systems.

Policy Document Management

Create, store, and serve the relevant privacy documents to each consumer based on applicable regulations.

Manage the creation and delivery of privacy policy, terms of use, and other policy documents to consumers when they interact with your business.

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