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Data Subject

Scalable, automated, data subject rights fulfillment.

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Fragile Processes

Global regulations give consumers new rights, such as data deletion, access to, and rectification of data. To respond, businesses are cobbling together processes that are manual and error-prone.

The costs of technical compliance are crippling, while the legal and regulatory risks steadily mount.


Robust Orchestration

Automate the capture and fulfillment of consumer data subject rights with Ketch to conquer complexity and reduce cost.

Responsive Experiences

Deliver the right experience to each consumer.

Customize which consumers can invoke which rights across the globe; serve the right experience to the right consumer across every platform and every interaction.

Activate Rights

Don’t just capture requests. Automate their fulfillment.

Keep all data management systems in sync with consumers’ rights expressions through fully automated partner integrations. Integrations can be setup in minutes through a clicks-not-code UI with zero engineering intervention.

Queue Intelligence

Fulfill faster, more accurately, with less overhead.

Ketch queue intelligence simplifies the fulfillment process by specifying which data is in scope for each request and routing each discrete task to the data owner directly.

Integrated Identity

Sustain awareness of consumer identity across all relevant touchpoints and channels.

Consumers invoke rights, not their devices. Build trust with your consumers by ensuring that all of their expressions are synchronized across all touchpoints and channels.

Verified Data Inbox

Simplify data delivery to consumers.

Delivering hefty portability files to non-tech savvy consumers is painful. Ketch’s verified data inbox obviates your need to directly coordinate technical delivery details and verify consumer identity.

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