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Yacov Salomon

What Media and Entertainment Companies Need to Know About Data Privacy

Media and entertainment companies pay close attention to cybersecurity; after all, you can’t run a video-streaming service like Netflix or Disney+ without putting top-of-the-line safeguards in place to protect your media assets and ensure continuity of service. But how many media and entertainment companies can say, hand on heart, that they put the same effort into […]

Stop Worrying About Regulations

For global businesses, the data-privacy rulebook isn’t getting any shorter. The GDPR and the CCPA are just the tip of the iceberg; over 80 countries have passed or strengthened data privacy laws. Industry-specific regulations such as HIPAA and FERPA further complicate matters, while COVID-19 contact tracing will open a whole new Pandora’s box of regulatory complexities. With China and […]