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Max Anderson

Can Orchestrating Privacy Data Subject Requests be Automated?

The complex, time consuming, and downright annoying process of exporting, erasing, or rectifying personal data to respond to valid data subject requests sanctioned under privacy data regulations like GDPR and CCPA likely has you wondering if there’s a better way. You’re not alone if you’re considering a ticketing-based solution touting the ability to automate this […]

Are Ticketing Systems Effective for Handling Data Subject Requests?

Complying with data security and privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA isn’t just about avoiding penalties—it’s also about building trust with your customers. That means fast, effective response to data subject requests from individuals asking to discover, access, rectify, or delete their personal data that your company maintains. With the data sitting in multiple systems […]

Does Data Privacy Orchestration Have You Adding Resources?

After decades of the unrestricted “Wild, Wild West” of the Internet, complying with consumer rights granted by data security and privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA in the evolving digital landscape has likely become a struggle if your company is built with consumer and customer data. And frankly, there are few, if any businesses, that […]